About Us

The R3vive way.

We provide effective fitness programming through high-intensity, functional training in both group and one on one settings.

Our thoughtful programming and smaller class sizes allow for closer attention and coaching, accommodating individuals of all fitness backgrounds and experience levels, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out. We constantly seek to provide a high level of service through a coaching staff dedicated to continuous growth alongside an inclusive community.

Our Mission

At R3VIVE FITNESS, our mission is to build an inclusive and welcoming community, supported by a foundation of education, with a common goal of improving health & longevity through high quality and constantly varied fitness programming.

Core Values


A community is one that respects, supports and brings out the best in every individual.


In addition to developing good athletes, we want to develop good humans: honest, hardworking and humble people ready to do the right thing whenever life calls on them.


Taking ownership of your health by allowing yourself to continuously learn, enabling long term growth for your healthiest and most fulfilling future.

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