Gym Policies

Code of Conduct


Treat it as if it is your own. Do not drop empty barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells. Help keep your workout space tidy and equipment clean by wiping down and putting away what you’ve used (because, well, no one wants to use equipment covered in someone else’s sweat).


Let’s work together to make this the most positive environment. Check your ego at the door. Here, we are a family – If you do not know someone’s name, learn it. In our fitness community, it’s critical everyone is treated with respect. Gossip, negative talk or hateful comments will not be tolerated. Come in, work hard, have fun, and support each other.


Listen to us – we are here to guide and direct you. No need to feel intimidated or afraid to ask us questions and get to know us – we want to know you! We want to see you grow and develop. If we ask you to scale weight, reps, or stop a movement, it is because we’re protecting you. Our goal is to keep you fit and healthy into your 60’s, 70’s and beyond. Injuries and a poor attitude won’t help get you there. Your safety is our number one priority. Be sure to communicate with your coach about any injuries you are currently experiencing so we can substitute movements if needed.


Sign up, be on time, participate and have fun! Show up consistently, and you’ll notice the results you came for.


  • Keep chalk in its container (No writing on the floor or making messes).
  • If you think a piece of equipment may be in use by another member, always ask before using.
  • Respect the workout space of others and your own. Avoid walking in front of your peers as they lift.
  • Do not add more than 50# on a 15# barbell. Do not drop a barbell with single 10# or 15# weights.
  • Always remember to take your belongings with you, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items nor do we provide storage for your personal items.
  • Work hard, have fun and make new friends!

Open Gym Policy

  • Please review the schedule on Triib to be sure that open gym is available for the day. We reserve the right to make any changes to the schedule.
  • This is not coach led class, if you have any questions or concerns, you may ask the coach on duty.
  • Group classes have first claim to equipment and floor space at all times. Please be understanding and check with a coach before beginning a workout of your own.
  • All open gym members should finalize their workouts in suite 1, 10 mins prior to any classes.
  • When classes are operating, open gym will be restricted to suite 2. If a session is in place, personal training or otherwise, be sure to check with a coach before beginning or resuming your workout.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum when class is in session.
  • Please wipe down and put away all weights and equipment used, before you leave.

Melnea Resident Rules

  • Try becoming part of the community.
  • Residents must sign in at the front desk, prior to working out.
  • Residents are limited to suite 2 for workouts unless you have a group training membership or pass.
  • Equipment is prioritized for classes and coaches.
  • Wipe down and put equipment away after use.
  • Be respectful and conscience of noise levels when classes are in session.

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