Corporate Wellness Training

A woman working on pull-ups using bands.

R3VIVE brings the benefits of training to you and your employees through our comprehensive corporate wellness packages! 

We provide a range of plans and packages tailored to extend our core group training services to all members of your company, regardless of their fitness level or experience. Our goal is to collaborate with you and your employees to cultivate a dynamic environment where they can thrive, achieving their personal fitness goals while fostering closer team bonds.

By granting access to our fitness facility and offering comprehensive nutrition guidance and wellness activities beyond the gym, we empower employees to prioritize their health. This not only leads to enhanced morale and job satisfaction but also cultivates a culture of wellness within your organization.


Offering corporate wellness services can distinguish a company as an employer of choice, aiding in recruitment and retention efforts. A corporate wellness program not only enhances the physical and mental health of employees but also contributes to a more vibrant and successful workplace culture.

Here are some of the benefits:


Team Bonding

Fostering stronger professional connections through engaging and enjoyable workout sessions; We’ll track progress metrics, igniting a healthy sense of competition among employees!


Having healthier employees translates to reduced insurance premiums! Our group training classes are crafted to enable collaborative workouts, emphasizing safe and efficient movements that promote a happier, healthier lifestyle to all participants.

Coach Katie with members
Athlete's excited for the workout

Employee Buy-In

Our training programs have demonstrated efficacy in garnering company-wide support, fostering employee advocacy, and generating external interest among prospective hires. This results in prolonged employee tenures and heightened attraction for future talent.

Company Culture

We have contributed to enhancing the company culture, resulting in improved ratings on platforms such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn for our services.

A group fitness class at R3VIVE

Additional Benefits…


We assign meal templates to employees which help promote healthy life style changes for their well being outside of the gym. 

Movement Screenings

We will initially assess your employees, screening for movement ability in order to provide recommendations for safer movements, while still adhering to the workout’s intended stimulus.

Virtual Group Access

Employees will have access to our exclusive training platform, xPlor, which they can use for viewing upcoming workouts, tracking their results and reaching out to their coach. Even when we’re not coaching, we’ll continue to be there for them!


As relationships are formed, employees will begin to hold each other accountable, outside of the encouragement that they will receive from their coaches. 

Prepared Meal Discounts

Let us take the meal planning away from employees by offering discounts with our meal delivery partner, Nutre Meals! 

Membership Discounts

Being a partner also means members can receive membership discounts to our group training plans, allowing members to train more often, allowing for higher success rates at achieving their health goals. 

Wellness Package Plans Programs Begin at $500 per Month


per month


Up to 10 Employees

2 Private Group Sessions per month

Group Conditioning Workouts

Training at R3VIVE


per month

Small Business

Up to 16 Employees

4 Private Group Sessions per month

Customized Strength and Conditioning Plans

Training on-site or at R3VIVE


per month


Up to 20 Employees

8 Private Group Sessions per month

Customized Strength and Conditioning Plans

Training on-site or at R3VIVE

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