Group Training

Community oriented fitness

We at R3VIVE believe that growth occurs on the border of support and challenge. Group training classes allows you to train in a supportive community with the common goal of achieving optimum health all while having fun.

Our thoughtful programming and small group environment provides flexibility that makes this class accessible, yet challenging, to individuals with widely varying fitness levels and goals.

The guesswork and decision making process associated with ”what to do at the gym today” is eliminated from your daily routine. This 60 minute class is lead by one of our highly experienced coaches and combines a variety of functional movements, scalable to every fitness level. Each class will begin with a specific warm up & detailed instruction of the day’s movements prior to starting the WOD (workout of the day).

Group Fitness tracks

No two athletes are the same. At R3VIVE, we provide two fitness tracks that will meet you where you are in your fitness journey and help you reach your goals.

R3F Build Track


This track is designed to build and improve your foundational strength, structural balance and movement patterns that will help you develop the functional skills that will transfer into your everyday life.

Mastering foundational movement patterns is important for athletes of all levels – You’re never too experienced to practice the sport of fitness at a foundational level.

The Build track is structured not only for beginners, but provides an environment for experienced athletes to seek continuous growth and improve deficiencies in movement and foundational strength.

Whether you’re new to group training and interested in moving on to our Perform track, or an experienced athlete seeking to excel in our Perform track, we encourage everyone at R3VIVE to participate in this program.


This track enables you to advance your fitness by incorporating what you learned in the Build track with higher skill movements and intensities. You can expect to be challenged by more complex gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and higher intensity metabolic conditioning.

The Perform track is designed to help take your fitness to the next level, whether that is a lifestyle choice or you’re looking to gain a competitive edge in your sport of choice.

R3F Build Track

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