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R3VIVE Fitness
Based on 47 reviews
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T YatesT Yates
14:37 03 Jun 24
Edward FlanaganEdward Flanagan
22:30 02 Jun 24
My best year for health and wellness yet! Thanks Cristian.
srinivas muddanasrinivas muddana
20:40 02 Jun 24
Great community, equipment and location. The coaches are very personable and attentive. Best gym I have been part of!
Kristen FennellKristen Fennell
00:50 02 Jun 24
Best. Gym. Ever.
Kit PangKit Pang
19:35 01 Jun 24
R3VIVE Fitness is top-notch! They have an outstanding team, a motivating environment, and fantastic workouts. The place is clean, well-equipped, and has a positive vibe that keeps you energized. R3VIVE Fitness offers everything you need for a successful fitness journey. Highly recommended!
Keith FlyerKeith Flyer
17:13 01 Jun 24
Very welcoming community and great coaches!
Adrian RamonAdrian Ramon
14:57 01 Jun 24
Couldn’t be happier with R3vive. Coaches, facilities, and other members are all fantastic and have completely revitalized my love for exercise. Constantly learning and being pushed, I love R3vive!
Mark HowardMark Howard
13:59 01 Jun 24
Excellent coaching and fostering a nice community of people who are all interested in self improvement without any overly competitive toxicity. I highly recommend this gym
Luke DeDeusLuke DeDeus
03:00 09 Mar 24
Best gym in Boston - I’ve been a member for a little over a year now and the coaches’ investment in the members and overall culture of the gym community is something that is unique to R3VIVE in particular. The techniques and skills I’ve learned (and continue to learn every day with each workout) have improved not only my strength and endurance but also my overall approach to everyday life. The confidence and strong mentality/character that comes from participating in R3’s approach to functional fitness is an unseen benefit that gets you ready to handle anything life tosses your way. Start off with a Saturday partner workout and then take it from there!
Karan JaggiKaran Jaggi
21:01 01 Nov 23
Can’t recommend this gym enough. Derek is a fantastic mentor/instructor and the people (and dogs) there are great as well. Every time I go I know I’ll be encouraged to push to my max. Slightly more expensive than other gyms in the area but worth every penny.
Carolyn CollinsCarolyn Collins
22:19 23 Sep 23
R3vive Fitness is a great place to work out. The classes are challenging and can accommodate anyone's goal and fitness level. The coaches are great, and supportive, and give continuous feedback during and after workouts. The schedule is flexible, there are morning classes, mid-day classes, and evening classes. The gym promotes comradery by hosting different events, challenges, and opportunities to connect outside of the gym. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. At R3vive you will be part of a great FItfam and have fun achieving your goals!!!!
Arman RafieeArman Rafiee
17:42 11 Aug 23
R3vive is amazing. They helped me achieve my goals within my first month. The coaches, people, and environment are the best part! Everyone is so friendly and inclusive that it encourages camaraderie and motivation. Best gym I’ve attended so far! Strongly recommend.
Josh TetenbaumJosh Tetenbaum
05:11 12 Jul 23
As someone who never had a gym practice before this (other than, like, yoga and rock climbing), R3vive's excellent coaching and awesome community made what could have been an intimidating thing into something really accessible and fun. Bravo!
zzz Zzzzzz Zzz
19:44 29 Jun 23
Great place and great staff
Nik Bear BrownNik Bear Brown
15:03 26 Jun 23
If you're currently on the hunt for a new Crossfit gym in the vibrant city of Boston, look no further than R3VIVE Fitness—a truly exceptional fitness center that I highly recommend. When it comes to programming, R3VIVE Fitness goes above and beyond, providing a diverse range of workouts that encompass strength training, interval work, and long endurance sessions. With such a well-rounded approach, you'll find yourself continually challenged and motivated, ensuring optimal results and progress on your fitness journey.One aspect that truly sets R3VIVE Fitness apart is their unwavering commitment to fundamental skills. The highly skilled coaches at this gym understand the importance of building a strong foundation in order to safely execute more complex movements. From the moment you step foot into the gym, the coaches take the time to assess your individual needs, ensuring that you receive personalized attention throughout your group classes. This personalized approach not only enhances your training experience but also facilitates remarkable growth and improvement in your overall fitness levels.Additionally, the facility itself is a sight to behold. R3VIVE Fitness provides a welcoming environment that inspires you to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're engaging in intense strength training or tackling challenging endurance workouts, you can rest assured that you'll have access to top-notch coaches that is designed to support your fitness endeavors.Overall, R3VIVE Fitness is the epitome of a top-tier Crossfit gym in Boston. With their exceptional programming, emphasis on fundamental skills, individualized attention, and impressive facility, you'll find everything you need to thrive and succeed in your fitness journey. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join this outstanding fitness community and experience firsthand the transformative power of R3VIVE Fitness.
Ava SAva S
16:30 13 Feb 23
Hands down the best coaches, gym and workouts I got. Their energy is contagious and they will do everything they can to help your fitness journey. They have early morning classes and night classes that go up to 8pm. I love R3VIVE fitness!
Olessia GuermanOlessia Guerman
15:40 30 Nov 22
While small, the studio has floor to ceiling windows making it a very pleasant environment to work out in.To top this all off, Derek offers a highly personal experience through constant form adjustments and by suggesting various levels of difficulty for each exercise.Having recently moved to Boston and missing my Zurich Boot Camp family dearly, I have managed to quickly fill this gap with my new  R3VIVE Fitness family thanks to these Build and Perform classes.Thank you Derek!
Aspasie SongAspasie Song
14:55 30 Nov 22
Truly an amazing community! All the coaches are very knowledgeable and patient in working with even beginners like myself. Everyone that goes to this gym has a positive attitude and is there to push you to be the better version of yourself! I've seen so much progress within the last year I've started working out here, and still choose to take the bus 1hr each way to come here because I love the community so much~
Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez
04:07 26 Nov 22
R3vive Fitness is a welcoming, inclusive environment for all folks regardless of training experience. I enjoy working out with skilled and kind coaches who help me reach my fitness goals. R3vive Fitness is also more than a gym. It has a wonderful sense of community, and I am happy to be working out with friends.
Ben WeintraubBen Weintraub
20:39 21 Nov 22
This gym is terrific. To start, the facilities are top-notch---the equipment is well-cared for and is quickly replaced if broken. The staff are both kind and extremely knowledgeable about exercise science and physiology. I have never been in better shape, and I have been working out my whole life! I cannot recommend this gym highly enough.