Success Stories: Bill Brickman

The most successful people in the world have coaches, mentors, … to make sure their goals become reality. Who do you have?— Grant Cardone

Age, nagging injuries, and countless resets had Bill feeling, well … exhausted. Hopeless, even. “Is this where I reach my physical limits, and they box me in for the rest of my life? Do I give up?”

Bill saw what individual attention could do for him when he sought specific treatment for an injury from a physical therapist and chiropractor. However, these targeted solutions were limited by insurance and lacked a comprehensive plan.

Jumping back into group fitness classes re-fueled Bill’s energy and drive but couldn’t provide him with the extra attention he needed on his trouble spots. “And while no coach ever ignored my issues, they couldn’t make a long-term detailed plan that would bend me towards real correction.”

Patience. Patience. Patience. The demoralizing and unmotivating cycle of reset after reset after reset meant every fresh start and every new coach became something he’d fear. Coach Oz was honest and up front about the small, slow progress Bill would be making … and, most importantly, the need for his patience. “That’s a very different sell than most will do. Given my experience on the ‘reset cycle,’ I had fears of being stuck in first gear forever, so that kind of honesty was risky.”

Individual Design means targeted solutions for you, the individual, and your specific needs and goals. For Bill, his hip and elbow were a focus, but his overall health and fitness, a priority. “My full body, core and balance are still engaged, but precisely tuned to work on my weaknesses … and without failure by pushing too far too fast.”

Great things, like long-term health, take time. And sometimes that progress is so gradual that it can become hard to notice. “I’ve been so in my head about this issue or that issue, that I hadn’t noticed some of the general progress I was making. Like, my core is getting ripped now, cobbles and everything. That wasn’t the point or goal, but hey, it’s a sign that the other functional stuff, not just my hip and elbow, are getting the attention it needs.”

Have you reached a plateau in your nutrition, fitness or health goals? Are you feeling limited by nagging injuries and/or is pain preventing you from living an active lifestyle? Are you overwhelmed, or even underwhelmed, following someone else’s program?  Are you struggling to find consistency, structure or accountability? 

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